Welcome To Essence of Beauty!



Essence of Beauty was birthed in my heart from a God given gift and a love to create things.  As a child I loved being creative and as a result I learned many types of arts and crafts simply by doing, and others by observation and reading in reading instructional books.

My passion for crafting exploded upon my return to Nassau in 2003.  I became obsessed with a love for fabric.  I made a trip to the fabric store almost every week.  As observed by my friends and family I could open my own fabric store just with the fabric I had at home.  But this all seemed like mere talk and fantasy.

In March of 2006 I was stirred in my heart to begin making preparation to write down the vision of my desire to start my very own business.  As I began laying the groundwork and researching numerous areas of crafting, I stumbled across candle making and soap making.  I thought these were new areas that I could try since they were new to me. My very first batch of soap and sharing it with my friends and family,  I had yet another crafting obsession to add to the ever growing list.

As I began to study the depth of soap making,  I realized that so many things are available to us if we would only change our mindset.  I have determined within myself that with God’s help, strength and grace I can and will make just about everything in my bathroom cupboard.

While I was in my preparation mode, I decided to develop my love for sewing.  In 2007 I enrolled in the Window Treatment & Accessories class at B.T.V.I   Now I had another excuse,  I mean reason, to go to the fabric store.

In was in August 2015 that I officially launched Essence of Beauty in Treasure Cay, ,Abaco.  I had many great plans to introduce my company to the community but they didn’t pan out.  It was very difficult to conduct company business and make product with a full time job and family.  Nevertheless,. I did what I could on a smaller scale and step by step we began to move forward overcoming many hurdles and setbacks along the way.

Your support of EOB is greatly appreciated as we grow and develop and conduct business which reflect kingdom values and principles.  Also, let me encourage you to support other businesses established by Kingdom citizens.


Essence of Beauty will be known as the most elite, professional and personal company who manufacture exquisite body products and custom home designs.  We will provide our customers with superior service while offering them quality products for their money.


Our Mission is to creatively craft beautiful works of art that are aesthetically pleasing.